Seeking Clarity


It's so easy to lose sight of where we are going and what you are doing? Things are moving so fast, and one thought bleeds into the next. Before you know it, you are feeling lost. Seeking clarity makes me feel like I have some control. Then I get a gentle reminder that there is no control over life. It's all about letting your true self-guide you. What is your real self? Its when you put your phone down, walk away from the computer, remove the noise, and allow yourself to sit quietly and listen.

I find that staying organized is one of the ways that keeps me on track. When I have an idea, I jot it down. When I have a goal, I add it to my goal list. If in a week, month or year if that goal is still valid I try my hardest to reach it. It's like getting a tattoo. Make sure it's something you want.

On my flight to Paris for Fashion Week, I started a very enlighting book called The Clarity Cleanse. Not yet finished with the book but so far its offered some insightful tips about clearing the unwanted to bring in the new. The book talked about 12-minute writing. It's about removing the negative and allowing you to feel all your feelings so you can move on. The author says to write for 12 minutes and then burn the pages after. Don't think about what you are writing, just write.

One of my favorites is a vision board. I have created a new vision board every couple of months for years. I'm a visual person, so this makes sense to me. It's also something tangible. When I print out the images and tape them on my wall, I am creating that space for these things to come into my world.

Last but probably the most important is meditation. Like I said before it's about removing the noise and just sitting with yourself. It doesn't have to be for an hour or more. A little bit goes a long way.


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