Comfort Zone


This morning I was being interviewed for a write up with a maternity brand and they asked me a question about pregnant style. I often ask myself the question but never really heard the answer that came out of my mouth before. The question was "How has been pregnant changed your style?"

My reply was I said I can be pretty strict with myself about my style as far as what I give the time of day to and what really excites me. With being pregnant that has gone out the window cause I can't stick to my usual silhouettes since my body has been ever changing for the past 8 months. I also said it was much needed for me to broaden my sight and try new things and what I found was that some of the things I was holding myself back from or saying "oh I would never" were the outfits that I really got a lot of attention.

See image above. I never really like wearing tight things but paired with an oversized denim shirt it worked.

Dress: SIG The Label (on sale) | Denim Shirt: Frank & Eileen