Clint Wilkinson For NYFW


"I could feel the energy, dedication, and methodical craftsmanship through all 900+ hand stitches."

Clint Wilkinson grew up in my hometown which was relatively small, so we essentially grew up together weaving in and out our each other's lives. Although we were both and pulled down very different paths, we always kept in touch. I've watched Clint start from working in his grandfathers leather/saddle store, building up to belts, purses, and then working on saddles. Clint created such beautiful pieces while keeping true to his past and the art of leather-working. As time passed start his own company to continue the legacy/artistry that his grandfather passed down. He started a few different models called the legacy collection of bags, purses, and unisex pieces. 7 models in total dedicated to his grandfather, hence the name "Legacy" Collection.

While swiping thru Clint's Instagram, Model 6 caught my eye with perfect timing for fashion week. I knew that I needed a special bag to carry around from show to show. One that was the right size to hold my camera and essentials for the day. I've been wanting to collab with Clint for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. Knowing that I would have to catch him about a month in advance because each piece is hand sewn with passion, I reached out and asked if he would be into the idea of making me a bag. In the world of mass-produced bags, I wanted something unique that no one else had I wanted to showcase something special. Something that represented me and my style. I've been drawn to vibrant colors as of late and red was the main color that spoke to me, but there are side panels for the Model 6 that I wanted in a secondary color. I wanted my style to shine through on the side panels as well so I added a complimenting color. The bag is flawless in every way and I could feel the energy, dedication, and methodical craftsmanship through all 900+ hand stitches. The leathers made with French fabrics and a brilliant Swiss made Amiet lock with key. Just when I thought I had it all with this bag, I was in for a tear-jerking surprise. Clint had written an amazing letter to my daughter detailing the bag and its need to be passed down to her. It's not only a testament to how important family history is, but it's a promise to you that his work will hold firm well past your days. Needless to say, I needed a few tissues.

I am so happy to see my longtime friend live his passion and use his talent to create heirloom quality work. Most of all I'm blown away with what an amazing person Clint has become. Family man, caring, kind, and talented. It was perfect timing for Clint and me to collaborate and I couldn't be more excited that after all these years our two worlds were able to combine making one show-stopping bag.


Clint Wilkinson

Blouse: H&M | Trousers: Marciano| Boots: Balenciaga | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Clint Wilkinson