Beauty Update

It's been a while since I have posted about beauty, so I thought it was time for an update. How I take care of my skin has changed so much in the past year. I have started going outside of my comfort zone and have made positive changes that I now know I couldn't live without. F. MILLER BODY OIL  During pregnancy, I became a big fan of body oil. Every night I used a combo of belly butter and oils all over my body to prevent stretch marks. Post-pregnancy the nightly routine stayed with me. I started trying new oils and F. Miller body oil quickly became one of my favorites.

SATURDAY SKIN DAILY MOISTURIZERI had no idea how thirsty my skin was until I started using this product. In 1 day I saw a complete difference. I reapply in the middle of the day when I have no make-up on just cause it feels luxurious. PS the container is spill proof which makes it optimal for traveling.

BLUE MOON CLEANSING BALMCleansing balms are a perfect combo of a cleaner and exfoliant. Make-up and toxions fully removed and skin that's hydrated. Prepped and ready for the next step in the night time routine. .

THIS WORKS CLEANSING PADSIf I don't use the Sunday Riley Cleansing Balm I always use the This Works Cleansing Pads. It's the pad that removes it all and feels like your skin is cleaner than ever before.

FARMACY SUNSCREENA really good sunscreen. Feels good, smells good and doesn't dry weird like a lot of sunscreens I have tried. It matches well with my foundation which is a major plus. It also helps protects against blue ambient light which is totally a thing. If you aren't sure what that is it's your computer, TV, phone and the sun. Ya, everything I do all day every day.

OMOROVICZA RADIANCE MASKAn overnight mask that's easy to use, which I appreciate so much. I use this mask while soaking in the tub and afterward there is no need to rinse off your face. It's straight to bed to read a book and all the work is done.