Walking In M Missoni

 I have never felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin than when I’m wearing one of my favorites; M Missoni! To feel empowered and confident in clothing is all I could ask for as a woman when it comes to fashion. I’ve always been a long time supporter of this brand because I can never seem to get enough of their ever-changing prints and patterns while the brand stays true to their iconic silhouettes! M Missoni’s F/W collection is just that-bold, vibrant colors, patterns with classic silhouettes; you definitely know their style when you see it.

With most fall collections come muted neutrals and cool tones but M Missoni’s F/W collection is anything but that! The colors are rich and energetic-setting a refreshing look heading into the cooler seasons. It definitely has me in the mood for fall season layering! Everyone knows that I love to mix and match and that’s one of my favorite aspects of this collection, there are lots of statement pieces that can be mixed and matched. This Fall I’ll be mixing and matching unique prints, patterns and textures while highlighting design details that stand out in my look. When mixing and matching various elements in an outfit I like to keep within the same color range and hues to bring together unexpected patterns and prints! My fall go-to look brings together a floral blouse with a patterned pant and a bold coat with a pop of color!

These dresses were my favorites from the collection because each of them has unique aspects and details yet they’ll stay relevant and timeless for years to come! I throw either of these pieces on and feel effortlessly put together.

With such a strong statement collection I wanted to reflect that in the content and imagery of this story so we shot these looks in the middle of the beautiful, detailed Vasquez Rocks where other famous videos and images have been shot, such as: Planet of The Apes, The Flintstones, The Twilight Zone, Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ and Rihanna’s ‘Rehab’ featuring Justin Timberlake. This location symbolizes natural breathtaking beauty and strength found in nature and in women-which is what M Missoni’s new collection offers women everywhere with their Fall/Winter collection!



M Missoni

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Dear Frances

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Lack Of Color