Lessons In Motherhood


As Mother's Day is right around the corner I am feeling all sorts of emotions. Most importantly proud. Proud to say I am a mom. It's like I am part of some really cool club. After 9 months of prep for baby and almost 5 months of real life stuff, I stand a little taller. I carry myself with more grace and I often stop and think how incredible it is to be a mom. To me, being a mom means learning to let go of things you can't control. If these last 4 months have taught me anything it's that what happens most the time is out of your control so way angst about it? It just drains energy and is literally a waste of time. Time that you can spend with that precious new babe. The fact is that whatever the situation it will either resolve itself or the answers will present themselves thru research or just pure timing. Easier said than done but practice makes perfect.

I find myself becoming more conformable with change. While I have been so use to planning every little thing in my life that this has taught me how to accept that plans don't always work out. I have found that going with the flow is a bit more fun. Some really exciting unexpected things happen which would never have come to fruition with a plan.

Lastly and most importantly I sometimes become so crippled to the way life should look like. Instagram has only re-enforcing this for mothers. I thought being a mom was supposed to look a certain way and let me tell you that is a battle you will never win. Motherhood is what you make it. Whatever that looks like.

This Mother's Day I don't have anything planned and am thrilled about it. I will be spending it with my family and I am going to enjoy each and every moment.