Tailored Made


"What's mine is yours, and yours is mine" doesn't always work when it comes to shopping for a top. If styling has taught me anything, it's that size is just a number and in fact, no size 2's are alike.

When I first heard of Careste and their made-to-measure DNA, It didn't take long before I knew I wanted in. I ordered my custom fit-folio and it was so easy to use, we made it a family affair having Lola and Kelly take measurements. The site makes it easy to enter all the measurements, and I even did a little designing myself. I'm not sure if this is a feature mentioned much, but I was surprised by the amount of flexibility in customizing my shirt. I typically gravitate towards more extended button-downs, so I fudged a few measurements for this shirt to do just that.

Finally, the day came, and my handmade blouse arrived. It was indeed custom fit and tailored for me perfectly.

Angela Fink